The Two Wings of Pranic Healing

My background is one of Metaphysics. I came into P.H. after 20 years of owning and operating a Metaphysical store. So I had come into contact and had practiced many healing modalities, studied the Mystical side of many spiritual traditions. I had studied many “occult” texts, religious and magickal tomes. My first contact with P.H. was with the first American edition of what is now know as Miracles Through Pranic Healing. published by Samuel Weiser in 1985 as the Art and Science of Pranic Healing. I ordered the book for my store, got it in, thumbed through it. I thought, this is good information, and put it on the shelf.

Fifteen years later, we (Scott and I ) were driving along reading out loud in the car, and came across an ad for an Energy Psychology conference happening on my birthday. I was so EXCITED , oh boy I want to go to this for my birthday! Scott was not so enthusiastic. Psychology yuk! you want to do what for your birthday? It’s in Las Vegas. OH OK, lets go!!!!.

So any way to make a medium length story short, we went. On the last day we went to an introduction on P.H… We sat there listening to things we already knew. I told Scott, I know this, I know that, I know this, I know all that. Why don’t I know this? Pranic Healing is like having the picture to the puzzle. I already had all the pieces, but i did not know what the picture looked like.

On the way home we decided to take the courses. After the first course we knew we would take all the rest.. We took them fast. As fast as we could, as often as they were available, first the healing classes and then the “higher courses”, reviewing everything, every time, for years. When we spoke to our classmates It was amazing to me, how many people came to Pranic Healing without any background in metaphysics. Some without any spiritual tradition or exposure to any religion besides Christianity.

People came to P.H. because they were sick, or wanted to help heal a loved one. They may already have been in the healing profession and were expanding their tool belt. Then there was the rather small percentage that came from the “metaphysical ” community. They all came to learn how to heal the physical body, or how to heal more effectively, yet they came to heal the physical body.

In between classes Scott and I would talk about how amazing the system of Pranic Healing is. How awesome Grand Masters’ synthesis of so many modalities is, and yet the whole thing is really a hook. Wait, what did I say? A hook how? It’s a hook to get a person onto their spiritual Path. Face it, eventually the physical body passes. Master wanted to give as many people as possible the tools to develop their soul rapidly and safely. How better to cause those imbedded in the “mundane” physical world to recognize their spiritual nature, than to ease their immediate suffering.

Master wanted to help people NOW! People who learn P.H. Recognize the power in what they have received. Then want to learn how become better healers. Master then tells them, ah, By building your energy body you will be able to channel more energy. You develop your energy body by developing the soul. Here is a system that is simple, powerful and effective. By doing these special meditations, by purification, by developing virtues you will become a better healer, I guarantee it.

THE HOOK. This is not a bad thing, it is just P.H. is really a tool of Arhat yoga, not the other way around. P.H. is the tool that helps keep you healthy on your spiritual path. It is the blessing that we are given and are able to give to alleviate some of our negative Karma. All this does not mean that you cannot use P.H. effectively without Arhat Yoga, you can. However it is way more effective if you practice the the gifts of Arhat yoga.

Masters great ability to take complicated topics and distill them down, pull out and arrange the essence so anyone with an average intelligence, can understand these topics. Anyone who can follow simple instructions can do Pranic healing. Almost anyone can become an Arhat Yogi . In the arena of Mystery schools Pranic Healing Ranks at the top. Wait, what am I talking about? Pranic Healing is a healing modality not a Mystery School.

The “higher classes” those not specifically for healing the body these are the second wing or school in P.H.. They offer us teachings that develop our souls. Character building by practicing virtues, inner reflection and firm resolution. The practice of Arhat Yoga, helps us to mediate our karma,  pranic healing gives us a way to do service and to take care of physical and emotional problems as they arise on the spiritual path. The other classes enable us to keep our financial stability while continuing our practice. By having two wings we are able to fly with comfort in the inner worlds , while maintaining our “everyday lives”.