Astrology is the study of the influences of planetary bodies upon People, and Places. A Natal Chart is a snapshot look at at the cosmic influences that were upon you when you were born. Like a musical cord, the planets frequencies combine to imprint upon a person at the time of birth. 



Natal Chart with Report

Gain a deeper understanding of your character and personality. Includes up to 25 page report.  The Natal Chart can help you answer difficult life questions, such as:  Why is it challenging for me to enter into committed relationships?  Are there aspects of my personality I haven't discovered?    Do I have unusual strengths or hidden weaknesses?  How can I avoid stumbling over my life's personal roadblocks?Find answers to your questions in our Natal Chart. Sections include:    Character and Personality  Temperament  Love and Sensuality  Mentality and Intellect  Energy and Initiative  Dominant Astrological Characteristics  Psychological Profile  Ideal Partner.



Comparison Charts and Report

Can be between lovers, husband / wife, parent /child, child / teacher, boss / employee, friends, you and your pet, etc. A comparison chart let's you know what works in a relationship with the other party in question, and what doesn't. The timing of the relationship, and how it affects both of you is important to understand. The comparison chart is an important consultation that helps you understand another person, and what is happening between you.  Includes 2 Natal Charts, 1 Comparison Chart and Report.


Composite Charts and Report (Synastry)

A Composite Chart is a blend of two or more charts that reveals the natal chart of a relationship, that is, a readout of that relationship's inherent possibilities for meeting the needs of the individuals involved and ways that it may potentially frustrate or enhance those needs. Includes 2 Natal Charts, 1 Composite Chart and Report.



Planetary Progressions

Your Progression Chart is based on one day for one year symbolism. The progressed chart shows the patterns and trends for any year. This is also a picture of where you have grown to, as well as a reflection of your thoughts, feelings and attitudes toward life. Take a peek at your attitudes for the year - awareness of what is there inside you will bring you wisdom and clarity.



Transit Reports


These Transit reports describe the planetary transits that are relevant for your sign during the next 3, 6 or 12 months.  Details significant aspects that will affect you. These reports represent different areas of your life, such as love, career, and health. In each area, the strongest factors that will influence you over the next few months are presented. You will receive the date of these influences so that you can be aware when they will take effect. We suggest that your start date be one or two weeks  back from the current date to enable to see how some of these influences have shown themselves in actual events.