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Alan Roth- Bio "Fields Beyond the Known"Concert at the Brass Unicorn

Alan Roth – Bio “Fields Beyond the Known” Concert at the Brass Unicorn

Monday October 26th from 7-9pm
$20.00 per person admission fee in advance
$30.00per person admission fee at the door
Advanced Registration is requested as space is limited.

The Shakuhachi flute: Alan, a multi-instrumentalist (vocals, guitars, bass, drums, percussion, flutes and synthesizers) and recording engineer/producer, chose the classic cultural Japanese bamboo Shakuhachi flute as the primary instrument for these ‘lighter than air’ compositions. As he relates: “Floating upon the breath, the Shakuhachi flute has a unique ability to point to the layer of silence beneath our world. Suddenly, I found
my art entwined with my breath, and discovered a new musical voice.” His influences range from trumpeters Miles Davis and Chris Botti to violinist Jean-Luc Pink Floyd and Peter Gabriel...and although the Shakuhachi flute is a long way from a
Stratocaster, he includes Rock guitarists Jeff Beck, Carlos Santana and David Gilmour inthe list of “ The masters who have informed my playing, attention to tone, and heart as a

Whether through the evocative and mysterious voice of the ancient Zen Japanese bamboo Shakuhachi flute, through lyric and song, the rhythm of the drums or through the written word, Alan continues to chase an evolution of exploration of the silence between musical notes, and the underlying subtleties beneath sentences. The journey from Rock to Zen: Alan’s profound interest in the metaphysical and the ‘Inner Journey’ flows naturally from more than 20 years of study of Shamanism, Eastern philosophy, Healing work and Meditation. A profound experience with a shaman in 1995
proved to be a catalytic experience in Alan’s life, and in his words: “My world view I explored the mystical, silent spaces which lay ’between my thoughts’, I was more able to connect to the power and beauty of the ‘empty space between the notes’”. His 3 1/2 years of journeys in India, Japan and Asia, and years of studying the healing arts in Maui, were catalysts in the creation of his epic novel of Visionary-Metaphysical
Fiction/Fantasy called Fields Beyond the Known, book #1 in the ‘A Shaman’s Tale’ series, and the companion CD of the same title.

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