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Drum Magic: A Sacred Workshop Presented by Vicki Dobbs

  • The Brass Unicorn 845 E. Fern Ave Fresno, CA, 93728 United States (map)

Drum Magic

In this class, you are going to create a 

single-sided hoop drum that will become a sacred tool for you to use as a bridge between Spirit, Body and Mind. We will sit in sacred circle, do meditation and journey work together as you create and forge a new relationship with your own drum.

Drumming is about learning to attune and harmonize with your own heart and the heartbeat 
of “Our Mother“, the Earth, with the vibration of the Universe and the Source of all life. 

As a people, we have advanced in technology to a level beyond our wildest dreams but as individuals, too often we have disconnected from the harmonious rhythms in our lives and the world around us. The Drum creates sound in the outer world. It is the external drumbeat that strikes an internal chord transporting us into the depth of our own souls. You will build a drum that with your intent, will invoke the ancient rhythms of “The Sacred Drums”. You will be guided to bring yourself present and into this NOW place for the creation process. You have an opportunity to meditate as you work, finding the snags, the rough spots in your life that may be holding you back. You will take a guided journey into yourself to meet the parents of your drum and receive messages that will help guide you in the use of your new drum as a tool for healing, balance, creativity, prayer, divination, inspiration and counseling. Integrative practitioners recognize the mind-body-spirit connection and believe that dis-ease and dis-comfort are directly related to attitudes, beliefs and emotions. Making your own sacred drum can be the beginning of a new relationship allowing you to move into a higher level of consciousness; to a frequency of unconditional love and the vibration of enlightenment. 

You can learn to use your drum as an intermediary, a bridge between you and your 
Great Spirit/God/Goddess/Creator energy of the Universe in our interactive two-day class, Drumming the Sacred Dreamer. Call Vicki for more information.

In this workshop you will be making a 12” drum with elk hide.
Event cost of $95.00 includes all materials for making your own drum. 
( $50 Deposit required w/ registration. Must be received 10 days prior to class to guarantee your place and materials). 
(We will try to accommodate late registration and walk-ins with whatever material is available

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