A collection of in-depth discourses on the Agni Yoga Teachings presented by Torkom through 1991. Each Chapter begins with a quote from the Agni Yoga books, followed by a detailed explanation of the hidden meanings, mysteries, and applications of the contents of the text.

Agni Yoga Teachings were given by the Great Sage Master Morya to Helena Roerich in the beginning of the 20th Century. She recorded her conversations with Him and they were subsequently published in a series of books. These books contain deep, mystical, and high level Teachings.

Torkom worked to unify the Teachings of Theosophy as given by H. P. Blavatsky; Lucis Trust as written by Alice A. Bailey; and Agni Yoga, as written by Helena Roerich. His lectures and books were presented as a synthesis of these Teachings. In every speech and writing, he showed the unity and integrity of the whole body of the Teaching. He focused on the sources of the Teaching and showed how they originated from the One Source.

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Talks on Agni Vol 2

Talks on Agni, Vol. 2, is a transcription of a series of lectures given by Torkom Saraydarian in the years 1987 to 1991. The lectures given from 1992 to 1996 are compiled in Volume 3, soon to be released. These lectures were discourses on the theme of the Living Ethics contained in the Agni Yoga Books.

"The seventh and newest yoga was publicized starting in 1920. This yoga was called Agni Yoga, or the yoga of synthesis. Agni Yoga means unification of your physical, emotional, and mental nature and your soul with the Fire of God that is within you and in the universe."

"Yoga is becomingness, the process of beingness. You become a yogi when you experience unity with your body, emotions, and mind. Higher yogis are those who achieve unity with their Inner Guardian. The highest yogis are those who become one with the fire - the Flame"

A prayer that was given to students of yoga is Avira Virma Yeti, which means "O Self-Revealing One, reveal Thyself in me." Or "You Who are concealed beauty within me; You Who are goodness and love within me; You Who are synthesis and creativity and light within me, reveal Yourself so that I may be like You." (Talks on Agni, quoted from the first released volume, pp. 6, 7)

Torkom Saraydarian lived the Agni Yoga Teachings.