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Channeling Rosemary

Channeling Rosemary

Saturday October 26th


$40.00 per person (Cash Only)

"Rosemary" is a spiritual collective or consciousness that communicates through me to groups to bring messages of guidance, hope, inspiration, healing, and ultimately the highest energy of love in order to give clarity to those in attendance. The purpose is to teach them how they can come into alignment with their highest vibration, their inner being, their authentic self, and ultimately all they desire.

Since this is a time of gathering for asking questions, gaining wisdom and clarity, and coming into better alignment with all that you are seeking, you may ask questions about anything you feel is holding you back or causing roadblocks in your advancement in this lifetime. There is nothing off limits. You may not always receive the answer you expect, but you will always receive the message that brings you the greatest clarity, the most healing, and that which is to your greatest and highest good, always.

** "Your event created such a huge shift within me. I went home and meditated and found this high vibrational love in my heart. I envision myself in alignment with my higher self and I saw a white light come down and surround me. I felt such a powerful feeling of love in what feels like my higher heart, which is a new feeling. My higher heart hasn’t been activated a lot in the past. And to go within and find this powerful love within me, let’s me know that everything I need is within me, and that I don’t have to search or get love outside of myself. Because of this I have felt more peace within myself and I have felt that everything I need is within me. I have been searching for this for a long time. I have been meditating almost every day to keep up this feeling. It has shifted me profoundly and for that I am forever grateful."
** "Thank you Cathy for doing what you do! I am grateful to have been there today. I took away so much from the event. I also felt such a high vibrational state of peace and love that is truly inspiring me to get back into full alignment w my true self and soul. And that my friend is priceless. 🙏❤️"
** "There was such powerful feeling of